Bachelor Degree in China

Are you interested and want to study bachelor degree in China 2021? Which is the most powerful country in the world and for that reason also is a top destination for many students due to their Technological, Economical advancement and oldest culture and history. China has excellent programs for study in many different field. If you want to study bachelor degree in China in 2021 you have variety of options in different fields of study. Some of the most popular Bachelor degrees in China 2021 are in the Engineering , Mechanical Engineering, Computer Engineering ,Chemical Engineering ,Bio technology ,Bio Engineering ,Business Administration ,Environmental Engineering ,Textile Engineering ,Physics, Chemistry so you can choose the area of your interest because there is a great scope of education and research in China most of universities In China  are in top of world ranking and you can get maximum quality education because you will get a lot of libraries in China for your research work , study bachelor degree in China in 2021 will provide you great job opportunities and especially full scholarships for bachelor degree in china for students from Pakistan there are number of other opportunities for Pakistani students after degree completion.

Full Scholarships for Bachelor Degree in China

There are thousands of full scholarships for bachelor degree in china which is offered by Chinese government every year In order to build relation and bond between Two countries to know each other Culture, Exchange in Policies and Trade and all best universities and colleges offer full scholarships for bachelor degree in China in 2021, Government of China Scholarship supports programs helps students, to get degrees at all levels Bachelor, Master and PhD levels and to conduct research in China. Many Students from Pakistan are passionate to get more knowledge but they have to face a lot of money related issues they wants to get a full scholarships for bachelor degree in China in 2021 order to complete their dream and to give them an opportunity Chinese Government Scholarship programs covers

Tuition, living expenses for the entire duration of study. Many students thinks and get this wrong information from other consultants who are just behind your money that to get the full scholarships for bachelor degree in china is applying to as many universities as possible but you don’t think this is not the right way to do it because you don’t know which university and major you can be accepted or whether you can get the scholarship or not until you receive the notification so you just consult us to the best study in china consultants to know all the detail about full scholarships because we have a list of all those universities who offered full scholarships for bachelor degree in China in 2021.

Fully funded Scholarships for Pakistani Students in China 2021

There are ongoing fully funded Scholarships for Pakistani Students in china in 2021 which students can get benefits from it. China in recent years spend their lot of time and money In the way of improving the global Education system, gives fully funded Scholarships to Students from different countries of the World and especially their neighbor countries because China and Pakistan are building relation day by day so it’s a golden opportunity for Pakistani students the degrees which we get from another country are believed to be of special consideration because of advanced and research. China is giving education opportunities by giving fully funded scholarships for Pakistani students in all fields and students from Pakistan are getting MBBS admission in China in 2021 which is filling the gap of doctors which is a major issue in Pakistan because there are very low percentages of doctors and as the lack of doctor’s results in increasing death rate in any country. So to avail this opportunity and get to know all the details about how to get fully funded scholarships in china in 2021 just contact us and get a free consultation.

Bachelor Degree Cost in China

A Question raised in most of students mind how much money we have to spend to study bachelor degree in China in 2021 but the answer is quite simple it depends in which course you want to study and get admission for so you just click on the WhatsApp or consult us free and we will answer to your queries which raise in your mind because many students find this process very difficult that how we will go to abroad  , the Visa Process, so we NH china Education consultants in Islamabad will guide you all the details about cost  , duration, major subjects , Visa Process and many more.

Major Subjects for Study Bachelor Degree in China:

There are some major subjects for study bachelor degree in china in 2021 and you can choose in which filed you want to get knowledge and are passionate about to secure your future which are Mechanical Engineering, Computer Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Bio chemistry, Bio technology , Bio Engineering , Business Administration , Environmental Engineering  , Textile Engineering  , Physics , Chemistry , Civil engineering , Math , Education , Social sciences , MBA , Management , Mechanical Engineering , Civil Engineering , Department of Electronic Information , Engineering , International Economics and Trade , Computer Science and Technology , Material Science  and Engineering , Internet of things and Engineering , Applied Geology Road, Bridge and River – crossing Engineering, Land Engineering, Land Survey Planning, Groundwater Sciences and Engineering , Physical Geography , Transportation Engineering , Industrial Economics , Oil and gas and Geology and development  , Underground Space Safety , Security System Engineering , Soil , Engineering Science , Ecological Hydrology, Solid Earth Physics  , Power System and its automation , Water Conservancy Projects , Highway and railway Engineering , Construction Safety Engineering , Municipal Engineering , Geotechnical Engineering , Structural Engineering , Use of Carrier Tools Engineering , Urban Rural Construction of urban Environmental Engineering , Disaster Prevention Engineering , Hydraulics and River Dynamics, Space Physics , Tunnel Engineering , Geo Information system , Virtual reality and Human Computer interaction , Cloud computing and Big Data  , Image Processing and Machine Vision , Network Behavior Security, Cryptography Theory and its Application Robotics and artificial intelligence, Quaternary Geology, Zoology.

Admissions Requirements:

  • To apply for an undergraduate course in a Chinese university, it is mandatory for the applicants to complete at least 12 years of formal education.
  • All transcripts should be certified by the Ministry of Education or the issuing institution where the applicant has studied.
  • Leaving certificate from the last college or school attended should be provided.
  • Passport
  • Police certificate
  • Medical report
  • Two recommend Letter
  • Study plan 
  • Passport size photo
  • CV( If available,)

PMC Green Listed Universities List for Study Bachelor Degree in China 2021

  • Shihezi University
  • Weifang medical university
  • Shenyang medical college
  • Nantong university
  • Dalian medical university
  • Shandong first medical university
  • Hebei University

How to Apply

To apply for bachelor degree in China in 2021 Just fill the contact form on Contact Us or WhatsApp and Visit our Office we will guide and you can secure your future after the guidance.     

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