Study MBBS in Tajikistan:

We know you want such an amazing country in which you could fulfill your dream of becoming a doctor. So, we are MBBS education consultant and our motive is to guide you regarding your MBBS degree in Tajikistan.

So, if you are planning to go abroad for MBBS degree, we will highly recommend you the Tajikistan. Specially if you are Pakistani student and wish to go a place like Pakistan. Yes, Tajikistan basically is a beautiful country of south Asia, which is surrounded by mountains and mostly covered with hilly areas. The population is about to 8-9 million and majority is Muslim here like Pakistan, so it would be a best option for Pakistani students.

The education sector of Tajikistan is really appreciate able and we always suggest our Pakistani clients to go there for study. It has great educational structure and amazing well reputed medical institutes with highly qualified faculty. Your dream of becoming a doctor is now going to real, because study in Tajikistan is now more simple and affordable.

NH educational consultants always there to assist you, you can freely ask any kind of question about the MBBS in Tajikistan. So, whenever you need any help we will be there at every point and will respond your queries.

Importance of Study MBBS in Tajikistan:

Before the enrollment in Tajik university, you should be aware about the importance of MBBS in Tajikistan. Here are few points, that will help you out:-

Great Educational structure

The country of Tajikistan comprises an amazing structure of education, in which their rules and regulations are very strict towards the education sector. There are number of foreigners come here every year on study visa and complete there education with satisfaction.

Study MBBS in Tajikistan

Affordable Country

The expenses are totally bearable and Pakistani medical students can easily afford the expenses. The university fee, hostel dues and mess charges all are bearable and you will not face any kind of difficulty regarding charges. If you have still any thing in your mind you can freely ask to NH Educational consultant staff.

No Entry Test

The admission process is so simple and easy and there will be no entry test at the time od admission. So, don’t take burden about the high level admission test or entrance test.

High Ranked Universities

Tajikistan is a well organized country, it is attached with borders of china, Afghanistan, Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan. This country consists of high ranked and well reputed universities, specially the medical universities. So, you can say it is a good opportunity of MBBS in Tajikistan for Pakistani students.

Brilliant Faculty

Tajikistan medical universities consists of high profiled and well qualified faculty members. All the teaching staff is so much supportive and brilliant. All the students are very satisfied with their medical university teaching staff.

Easily Approachable

For the admission you don’t have to do any thing complicated, in fact you can apply within your home through online form submission facility.

Practice After degree

There will be a practice session after the degree completion, so, you will get an opportunity for internship after the study.


Tajikistan provides the different facilities, specially for Pakistani students. You will have bearable Accommodation, Halal Muslim food, medical checkup facility, affordable transportation facility. Even you will find there sperate girls and boys hostels as well, so you will be comfortable while study in Tajikistan.

Well worth Degree

There will be no difficulty about the language, because English language is also common there. Specially in university everyone normally use the English language. 

Same course

Don’t worry about the course, because it is almost the same as in Pakistan and many other countries. All the medical subjects are same and according to the medical requirements


The normal duration of MBBS degree throughout the world is 6 years, but here in Tajikistan it is less time. Yes! here is the good news that your MBBS in Tajikistan is only for 5 years. Yes! You can achieve your goal within 5 years.

We are here to provide you the information related to the course duration also, so you don’t have to take any stress. Freely ask your queries.

Eligibility criteria for MBBS in Tajikistan

Normally students from Pakistan ask the question, that what would be the criteria for us? Here, one thing you should keep in your mind that if you have 60% marks of total average and 60% marks in every medical subject, then you will be able to get admission in Tajik university

Why choose Avicenna Tajik state Medical university?

Avicenna is the most high ranked, famous university, which is about to 82 years old with huge amount of foreign students. In which Pakistani students are also Included. Due to its high level facilities, highly qualified medical staff with same religious ethnicity pattern Pakistani always select Tajik medical university. We will totally guide you about the Avicenna Tajik state of university fee structure as well. Basically this university offering some specific subjects in which medicine, dentistry, pharmacy and public health are included.

MBBS in Tajikistan Admission Process

The easiest way to apply is through online form submission method. We MBBS education consultant will provide you the entire online form filling method and will guide you about documentation process. You have to attach all your previous academic data, medical certificates, scanned passport copy with passport size photos.

PMC A Listed University in Tajikistan

Avicenna Tajik State Medical University

MBBS in Tajikistan Admission Process

The fee structure of Tajik state medical university is according to the semester system. Total semesters are 10 and the fee pattern is divided into two main parts. Fee structure is according to first and second semester. First semester fee will be about 3500-4000$ and second semester to onward every semester fee will be about 2200-2300$.

Remaining charges include hostel dues, medical checkup, plane tickets, mess charges and accommodation expense, these all are up to 1300$.   

How to Apply

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