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It’s very easy Procedure to Apply for study in China in 2021 just fill the form below or Contact Us on WhatsApp and Visit our Office we will guide and you can secure your future after the guidance.

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Mbbs in china


MBBS known as Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery. It’s a degree for medical students who have a vision to become a Doctor and saves humans lives . Doctors are consider superior because they save human lives . If you have a goal and want to study in China In 2021 and looking for Consultants who will guide you how to apply for study in china in 2021. We are the best China educational consultant in Islamabad who will guide you about all the Top medical colleges and universities in china who offer MBBS Degree in 2021.

Being a Doctor with an MBBS Degree is very critical and important job and then you understand the importance of good education. MBBS degree is a step toward to become a Doctor so you must consult it before joining in this Program . We NH are the best study in china consultants in Islamabad who know the importance of this degree so that why we offered the best universities list with you because you are the future of your Country.

Bachelor degree in China

Bachelor Degree in China

A Bachelor degree is an investment in yourself to secure your future because once you believe that investing on your education will pays off. You need a top college or University to get your education done in which area of interest you want to learn.

There are a lot of universities which offers you different courses. To secure your future you have to take a right decision for yourself and then you look best study in china Consultants near you. They can guide you how you can secure your future. Study in china in 2021 is the wise choice by students because China in the recent years and especially in 2021 pays great attention to reforms in the field of education.

The modern level of education in China in 2021 meets the highest international standards. Universities and Colleges are actively funded by the state, developing their own infrastructure and scientific laboratories.

In China, you can study for undergraduate Master, and in PhD programs and MBBS now a days is very popular in china. You can now learn from the top universities and we will help you to achieve your goals and we are the China Educational Consultant in Islamabad , So Contact us and get free consultation about Bachelor degree in china in 2021.

Master Degree in China


When students complete their bachelor degree in their area of interest then they enroll themselves for a Masters degree . A Master degree helps students to gain more and more knowledge and secure their future. They focus on a specific field and master their self with more knowledge and skills .  Most of  students wants to get a Master Degree from Chinese universities in 2021.

China is one of the most popular country and educational destination in the World . NH Study in China Consultants will guide you about the Top universities and colleges which offers full scholarships for Master degree in china 2021.

There are a lot of scholarships programs from Chinese Government and a lot of benefits of studying on a scholarship program. You don’t have to spend money on your education and then you will get many employment opportunities from the World top leading business companies and most of are in China . These companies are in such cities such as Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Beijing , Chongqing , Tianjin , Bozhou , Chaohu , Chizhou.

There are many scholarships for Pakistani students and to avail this you have to find best consultants near you who tell you all the procedure how to apply for Study in China in 2021 . We are the best China Educational Consultant in Islamabad. You can contact us if you are done with your bachelor’s degree . We will guide you all about the Master degree . Major programs in which you want to enroll so Chinese education system takes form of lectures, seminars, and written assignments and thesis . So master your skills and secure your future and for that consult with us and we will help you in achieve your goals in 2021.

Phd degree in China


The PhD most commonly known as Doctor of Philosophy is the highest most important postgraduate degree. A PhD degree can only be achieved at universities and you have to enroll for PhD in China in 2021  . It is very easy because universities of China are now offering number of scholarships for Pakistani students.

NH the best Study in China Consultants in Islamabad will help you to get those scholarships . PhD Degree is very important if you want to convey your knowledge on a top level . People who awarded with a PhD are normally allowed to have a teaching position at any university in the World .  There are many Chinese universities who are looking for the PhD’s to give them an opportunities in their universities so they can share their knowledge and experience.

Getting a PhD is not an easy job its hard and long lonely journey . If you have proper guidance about which universities will meet your criteria and help you to secure your future. You will get more success and for that you need consultants .

NH the best china educational consultant in Islamabad will help you in every aspect from starting to completion. After getting your degree you get more opportunities to improve your writing, enhance your critical thinking skills, work on your presentations and on yourself and in some disciplines work in teams.

Diploma in Chinese Language

Diploma in Chinese Language

Diploma in Chinese Language will help you to get more jobs and opportunities in 2021 . Chinese language is widely spoken language now considered as an important language worldwide with over one-fifth of the global population being native Chinese speakers and its increase in presence in the business world. Chinese are now running and working in many businesses throughout the world including west. So, if you want to increase opportunities in the business world, you must learn Chinese language in 2021 as a second language.

Diploma in Chinese language would be the best way to open the doors to a lot of other business opportunities . NH study in China consultant will help you to and give you a list of universities and suggest you the top one who are also offering scholarships for Pakistani students in 2021 .You can choose us to guide you . We NH are China educational consultant in Islamabad where you can get a lot of awareness and importance of learn Chinese language in 2021. 

Why Study in China in 2021

A survey held in 2021 in which China is in the top list of worlds most Powerful countries because of their huge Economical, Technological and Educational progress and they offers a large number of undergraduate (Bachelor), Master, PhD fully funded scholarships for Pakistani students and Most of students who are worry about their education and wants to study in China in 2021.

They do not have to worry about because China top Medical Colleges and Universities are offering scholarships in different programs so you can  study in china in 2021. Contact us and we will guide you because we are no one China educational consultants in Islamabad and if you are from other cities of Pakistan like Lahore  , Karachi , Peshawar  , Gujranwala and many other big cities you can contact us on Our WhatsApp or get a free consultation by visiting our Office in Islamabad.

Why Choose Us

Why Choose Us

We NH , China Educational Consultant in Islamabad are here to help you to find the scholarships for study in China on  and fulfil your dreams because a majority of  students have planned to study in china in 2021.

The education expenditures is the main issue due to which many of the brilliant students are unable to fulfill their dreams and they are still trying to find opportunities for them in developed countries.

China is one of those countries and the aim of our company is to find and share all available MBBS undergraduate, Master, PhD scholarships for Pakistani students in China. 

NH China Education Consultants in Islamabad is registered through  (SECP) and we have a strong bond with many universities in China.

How to Apply

We provide every single detail about How to apply for Study in china in 2021 in any undergraduate, Bachelor, Master, PhD program on scholarships for Pakistani students in China.

If you have any query related to MBBS Undergraduate Bachelors, Master, PhD, scholarship program then let us know.
We assure you that we will satisfy you in just a moment and will give you all the information because we are the best study in China Consultants.

Many of you want to Study and worry about the job then you don’t need to worry about it we will give you the best opportunities. NH China Educational Consultant in Islamabad makes possible scholarships for Pakistani students in China 2021 much easier than anyone else.


There are a lot of Chinese universities which are offering scholarship in china for undergraduate students in many different fields .

Contact us to know more which Major subjects are include in it. Graduation is the first step of higher studies therefore students must have to think a lot in which program they want to apply for Master scholarship.

There are hundreds of scholarships programs for the students in which they can apply and learn. It includes Business, Arts, Agriculture, Architecture and many Different Engineering Programs.

PMC Green Listed Universities List for Study in China 2021

  • Shihezi University
  • Weifang medical university
  • Shenyang medical college
  • Nantong university
  • Dalian medical university
  • Shandong first medical university
  • Hebei University

Admissions Requirements:

  • To apply for an undergraduate course in a Chinese university, it is mandatory for the applicants to complete at least 12 years of formal education.
  • All transcripts should be certified by the Ministry of Education or the issuing institution where the applicant has studied.
  • Leaving certificate from the last college or school attended should be provided.
  • To apply for the Master degree in china and PhD degree in china an applicant should have these documents along with them.
  • Passport
  • Police certificate
  • Medical report
  • Bachelor degree & Transcript for master program) master degree and transcript (for M.Phil.) MPhil degree and transcript (for PhD)
  • Two recommend Letter
  • Study plan 
  • Passport size photo
  • CV( If available,)
  • English Proficiency Letter
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