Diploma in Chinese Language in China

Diploma fills a large purpose of needs for various understudying students because they often feel the gap between different phases of academic study and to overcome this, they go for the certification and bridge the gap with more qualities and capabilities by taking extra professional training and Qualification. China is a Powerful country in the world due its technological advancement   with billions of People lives in china. A fifth of the planet speaks Chinese the value of money, education, technology, and economy all over the World.
A diploma in Chinese language in China is a certification of twelve months (1 year) for a beginner level degree in the Chinese language. If you get a diploma in Chinese language in china and learn Chinese language in 2021.it will increase your language skills and developing a basic knowledge of Chinese Language in 2021. A candidate who is willing to take admissions in this course should hold an Intermediate passing certificate from a recognized board. Admission in this course is granted on the behalf of merit considering the intermediate marks to complete diploma in Chinese Language In china and it will help you to get more jobs and opportunities in 2021 because if you learn Chinese language in 2021 it will help you in future because it is a widely spoken language now considered as an important language and day by day china increases its presence in the business world.


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  • Duration: 6 Months (Basic)
  • Duration: 6 Months (Advance)
  • Total Duration: 12 Months
  • Word Wide Recognized Certification


  • To study one of the most important language in most easy way
  • This certification helps you to get maximum benefits from CPEC opportunities.
  • It also increases the chances to promote your business and trade with China

Once you learn Chinese Language in 2021 you will directly be considered among that 1.28 billion people who speaks Chinese because We NH China Educational Consultants in Islamabad helps a lot of students who want to learn a second language but they are so much confused that which language have more worth in the today world but after our consultation they started their diploma in Chinese language in china because it will open the ways for them to different important fields such as in Economy, Politics, History and many more in which they can easily get a job or enhance their business Worldwide.


Chinese Language is one of the most commonly spoken language on Earth. China is turning into a significant part on the World’s economy, and it is anticipated that in certain years it will end up being the World’s greatest economy surpassing the U.S, dominating Chinese language will upgrade your CV/resume for future recruiters and you will be able to get a good job in future or can trade with other Chinese locals and run a business together if you Have the ability to speak Chinese language in 2021 in a work place and on a local place will surely give you a competitive edge. Having acquired fundamental Chinese abilities turns out to be helpful when going around China, Being able to interact with Chinese locals is a great opportunity to discover a new Culture, different values and their lifestyles, norms and values after complete your diploma in Chinese Language in China you will be able to interact with Chinese local people is an incredible chance to find various qualities and ways of life. This obviously is valid with all dialects around the world, however China’s new history and the change its people have seen is unique. Business, Knowledge in Chinese is very useful while working in China and helps build better relations with Chinese accomplices. Learning an unknown dialect like Chinese which is totally extraordinary to one’s own mother language, speaking it and perusing its characters is just rewarding and satisfying.

Scholarships for Pakistani Students in China:

China is giving thousands of scholarships every year to Pakistani students and many other international students are interested in scholarships in China. There are a lot of chances and opportunities for you to study in China with a scholarship. We NH china Educational consultants in Islamabad helped thousands of Pakistani students apply to Chinese universities and we have a direct relation closely with universities in China. Diploma in Chinese Language in China in 2021 has been a trend all around the world. More and more students want to learn Chinese in China because of a strong relationship of trade, friendship with china and it’s not so easy to find which university is offering because there are a lot of universities in china they are offering full scholarships for Pakistani students to get a diploma in Chinese language but you don’t know which one is better for you and you have to spend your time in it  but If you want to become a student at a prestigious university or want to study language courses in China get our services  , NH study in china consultants will help you.


  • Shihezi University
  • Weifang medical university
  • Shenyang medical college
  • Nantong university
  • Dalian medical university
  • Shandong first medical university
  • Hebei University


The first element most of the people do whilst choosing which language to learn is to make a list of the in-demand, most trustworthy, straightforward and popular language. Diploma in Chinese language in china will provide several benefits in terms of expert in addition to personal improvement. Apart from supporting you to explore China in addition to the Chinese tradition, you may enjoy the impact of the country in the global financial system at the side of growth and improvement. If you’re just a visitor or traveler, the language will assist you to communicate with the Chinese people at the same time as you’re touring. There are various Job opportunities after Learn Chinese Language in 2021

  • Career as a Chinese interpreter
  • Chinese language teacher
  • Chinese translator
  • Tour guide & jobs in tourism industry
  • Content writer in Chinese

How to Apply:

The admission process is very simple. You just need to consult with our representatives and we NH are best China educational consultants in Islamabad and we will help you to pick up the program and right institution. Just Contact us on WhatsApp and get a free consultation.

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